Saturday, March 29, 2014

Honey, you're home!

So earlier this week, I won a rattie shuttle from West Pine Creations. Well, today Honey arrived!

Having crawled out of her pouch, Honey begins her search for thread.

Honey is adorable. She's the first flat shuttle I've ever had an opportunity to use, and thus far she has been quite nice to tat with. The little pouch she came in is really cute, and will provide Honey with a soft place to rest when she's not tatting.

Having found some thread, Honey prepares to tat.

Winding Honey was quite interesting. I like how she holds the thread, and how she fits in my hand while tatting. Honey maneuvers around the working thread very well, and is able to work both halves of the double stitch with ease.
Now, what did my cat think of Honey? Well...

Undaunted by swishing tail, Honey greets the gray cat.

Though at first uncertain of the little rattie, my cat has decided to accept Honey into the family.
I'm thankful for the opportunity to give Honey a home, and hope that she will enjoy tatting with me!

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