Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What I've been up to

Well, here are some birthday presents and other pieces of tatting I've been working from late March till now.

Done in Lizbeth size 20, #135 and #680

As I've stated before, I enjoy the Spiral Bookmark pattern by Gina. I think the two colors I used for this blended really well with each other. When I gave this to my cousin for her birthday, she commented that it could be used as a bracelet.

Done in Lizbeth size 80, #111 and #104

This pattern is from The Complete Book of Tatting, by Rebecca Jones. I enjoyed tatting this, though I did have a few instances where the thread snapped as I was closing a ring. It was a bit odd, but other then that the bookmark came along quite quickly.
Again the two colors I chose to use blended well together.
My sister liked it, and was able to put the bookmark straight to use in a new book she had gotten for her birthday.

Done in Lizbeth size 20, #100. Motif #5.

This is another pattern that I've been waiting to tat. I liked how Jon Yusoff's Chinese Coin Bookmark could be constructed two different ways. I decided to use the single pass method this time, and enjoyed the split rings within the pattern.

Done in Lizbeth size 20, #621 and #684. Motif #6.

This bookmark was a lot of fun. It's Jane Eborall's Flowery SCMR bookmark. I still find self closing mock rings to be enjoyable to tat, and I was able to do an over the top join (OTT) for the first time as well.

Done in size 10. Motif #7.

This cupcake was for my Grandma's birthday. The pattern is one of three from Be-Stitched that are in this post. It was a bit challenging to hide the ends in the stem of the cherry, but I eventually did it.

Done in Lizbeth size 20, #131, #688, #142. Flame done in a yellow DMC Cébélia.

This cupcake was made for my friend's birthday. Out of the two Be-Stitched cupcake patterns, I think this one is my favorite. I replaced the cherry from the pattern with a candle made of split rings.

Done in Lizbeth size 20, #100. Motif #8.

This Rose Star from Be-Stitched was tatted by Honey. She and I had fun tatting the flower motifs for the center. I made the chains a little too tight for the outer edging, but it doesn't distract from the piece too much. This is also the first piece of tatting that I tried scanning, instead of taking a picture of the tatting and uploading it later.
I kind of like how it turned out, but think I'll experiment with some more pieces before deciding which method I like best.

In other news, I've began learning how to knit. Thus far, I enjoy knitting more then crocheting.


  1. Awesome bookmarks and fabulous colors!!! :)
    Love the cupcakes!!! :)
    Wonderful Rose Star!! :)

  2. These patterns are amazing. I certainly couldn't make anything of the like. Rose Star was also my favourite!!! Although the Flowery one is also very cute.