Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Float among the clouds

Well, I've finished another excess thread project.
This one is pretty cool, and used up most of my excess size ten thread.

See that basket? It was going to be a ring box.

The balloon was made with a single ring and a bunch of chains. I stuffed it with some stuffing so that it would maintain its shape.

The seam color of the balloon changes five times. It was also excess thread. 

I used some clear plastic cord to connect the basket to the balloon. That way from a distance the basket would appear to be floating under the balloon.

The balloon is really soft and fun to squeeze.
The order of the thread color is based on when I tied it to my excess thread ball. The thread at the bottom of the balloon is younger then that at the top, while the thread used on the basket is the youngest.
What's really neat is how the hot air balloon's shadow really does look like a hot air balloon.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. Good luck on your own projects!