Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dreamcatcher III: The Search for Thread

Well, its time for another birthday!
Today was my Aunt's birthday. To help her celebrate, I made a dreamcatcher.

Done in size #20 Lizbeth thread, Tropical Punch.

The base for the center is the Occasional Doily pattern from the book Tatting Doilies & Edgings, edited by Rita Weiss. I then added three rows to make it fit within the ring.

I thought that my aunt would like this pattern because it looks like flowers.

This was my first time tatting this pattern. I quite enjoyed it, and will likely tat part of it again if i ever need to make flowers.

No peacocks were harmed in the gathering of these down feathers.

I tatted an extra flower from the doily pattern to the the hanging motif. I like how the bead is connected the the motif. I decided to use two peacock feathers I had instead of chickens feathers for this dreamcatcher because the fluffiness of them reminded me of this aunt. These feathers are extremely soft.

When I gave the dreamcatcher to my aunt, she was very happy. I'm really glad that she liked it.