Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The dragon and the roses

I meant to post these half a week ago, after my niece's birthday.
I suppose this does count as after, so let's get to the hair clips!

Done in size 10, in my niece's favorite colors.

These were a surprising amount of work. The pattern is Tatted Rose, by Linda S Davies.
Now, the main reason that these were on the more difficult side for me is that I decided to sew the petals together instead of gluing them. I thought that since they were going to an energetic little girl, the sturdier they were, the better.
Besides, it meant that I had to practice my sewing ability (which although not horrible, is incredibly slow and tiresome).
My niece seemed to like them, so that's what counts.

Another thing I've been meaning to post is motif number two for the the 25 Motif Challenge!

I am the jade dragon! Motif #2, done in size 10.

Now this fellow was interesting. The Chinese Dragon by Anne Bruvold is another pattern that I've had sitting in a file for quite some time. I'm not sure that I'll be tatting this particular pattern again for at least a few months; since I found it to be strangely monotonous. But I am pleased to have finished it, and enjoyed the self closing mock rings in the pattern.
This dragon was also my first attempt at hiding the ends by weaving them through the stitches. It took some time, but I like how the tatting looks without an obvious knot marking where I ended.
I think I'll continue hiding the ends using this method, despite the time it takes.
I'm going to try and have each motif for the challenge be something I haven't tatted before. It is an extra little challenge, but I think it will add to the fun!


  1. Truly wonderful rose hairclips!!! :)
    Great dragon!! :)

  2. Kudos on finishing the dragon! I only tatted half of it before losing count since the whole thing is basically the same thing, over and over and over and over and.... LOL

    Great job and pretty clips too.

    Also a lefty writer! Good to "meet" you.