Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Charming motifs

Today I have two pieces to show you.

Done in size 10. Motif #3. Done in a light blue and a mint green.

This pattern is from Tatting Patterns, by Julia E. Sanders. Called figure 13, this trimming was interesting to tat because the picture was not on the same page as the pattern. I like these two colors together, and the pattern was fun. In the picture, it looked like most of the chains were facing the same way, so that's what I tried to do.
Weaving in the ends was interesting. I'm slowly figuring out what works best for me with hiding the ends.

Done in size 20, size 80, and sewing thread. Motif #4.

This is one of those uncommon pieces that I set out to make for myself. It started off when I decided to tat Marilee Rockley's Compass Pendant (bottom center, done in Lizbeth size 20, #684 and #694), from her Tatted Jewelry book. After I made it, I thought to myself, what would you like to do with this? How about a charm bracelet!
So I grabbed some thread, and tatted a doodle that looks a little like an anchor (top right, done in Lizbeth size 20, #647).
After that, I decided that the bracelet needed a hat. Because I love hats. I haven't posted very many of them, but usually when I pick up a shuttle and begin tatting without a particular pattern in mind, I end up making either butterflies or hats. (Bottom right, done in Lizbeth size 20, #115).
Then, because I like video games, I decided to tat a pokeball and the Triforce (from Pokemon and the Legend of Zelda, respectively). For the Triforce, I used a cloverleaf from a motif in The Complete Book of Tatting, by Rebecca Jones. The pokeball was another doodle I made up. (Triforce: bottom left, done in gold sewing thread. Pokeball: left, done in Lizbeth size 80, #671 and #601).
The last charm is a key. Because I collect keys, and think that keys are cool. I just made it up as I went. The blade of the key ended up looking kind of like a R, which is kind of neat. (Right, done in Lizbeth size 20, #691).
I weaved in the ends with each charm, which was interesting. I had to change to a smaller needle for the pokeball and Triforce.
The chain that the charms are on was from my jewelry making supplies, along with the clasp. So it is just the right fit for my wrist!


  1. That top piece is so unique!! I love the design!! :)
    And the tatted charm bracelet is awesome!!! :) A truly great idea!!! :)
    Oh, you collect keys?? I collect keychains. Now I know why they are empty, you have all the keys. :)

  2. A tatted charm bracelet is such a good idea! And well carried out.

  3. This pattern is very unusual. Beautiful.