Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Twin dragons

This was a post I meant to do last week, but I left for the woods before getting it up.
I tatted two Minor Norwegian Dragons for two of my friends. Each dragon has a slight mistake, but neither friend was upset about it.

Twin dragons meet in flight. Wings nearly touching, they stretch out their heads in greeting.

These are the first dragons that I have made in size 10 thread. They are a pretty nice size, and I'm thinking of tatting another one to put onto a bag.

Size 10 black. This dragon suffered a terrible injury to the left wing which makes it difficult to fly.

It was fun tatting with black thread in a larger project. The black thread causes the double stitches to melt into each other, which makes it a little harder to tat if you forget where you are in the pattern.

Size 10 white. This dragon was born with a second spur at the base of its tail.
The white dragon was fun to tat. I prefer to do a dizzy picot for the ears instead of doing a twisted picot.

There was a third dragon, but I forgot to take a picture of it before giving it to a friend. The third dragon had a white body from head to tail, and wings that variegated between black and white.
Next up for dragons, a Chinese Dragon! I recently got this real pretty size 10 thread that I think will be great for the Chinese dragon pattern.

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