Saturday, June 1, 2013

Snowflake extravaganza

It's about time I show you a little of what I've been working on this past month.

Eight little snowflakes, sitting on a tree...

Snowflakes! Each pattern and color was selected by my aunt, who is my biggest fan when it comes to my tatting. All of the patterns came from the book Tatted Snowflakes, by Vida Sunderman. This was my first time tatting each of these snowflakes, so it took a bit of trial and error.

Unique Snowflake. Done in size 10 gold.

The Unique Snowflake was interesting to tat because I had to leave space between each ring.

Flower Snowflake. Done in size 80 Lizbeth thread Christmas Green and Victorian Red.

The Flower Snowflake gave me some difficulty, do in part to my not being accustom to working with size 80.

Jingle Bell Snowflake. Done in size 20 Lizbeth thread  Mocha Brown Med.

The Jingle Bell Snowflake was fun, though I kind of wish that I had been able to find a smaller bell for it.

Ruffled Snowflake. Done in size 10 white.

The Ruffled Snowflake was interesting, because in the book it tells you to weave a ribbon through the outer rings. A red ribbon, to be exact.

Swirl Snowflake. Done in size 20 Lizbeth thread Mountain Breeze.

I think that the Swirl Snowflake pretty fun to tat. I like doing three picots right next to each other.

Ruffle-Edged Snowflake. Done in size 10 white.

This was probably one the the easiest to tat, since I've done other snowflakes similar to the Ruffled-Edged Snowflake.

Star-Shaped Snowflake. Done in size 10 white.

The Star-Shaped Snowflake was another easy one for me to tat. The first snowflake I ever tatted also had trefoils (the three rings that make up each point) as part of the pattern.

3-Dimensional Snowflake #1. Done in size 20 Lizbeth thread, Mocha Brown Med. and Ecru.

The 3-Dimensional Snowflake is actually made from three snowflakes combined.

Part of how you get it to be 3-dimensional is by folding two of the snowflakes into a V while they are stiffening.

The center snowflake is stiffened flat. I swapped the ring and chain colors for the center snowflake.

The 3-Dimensional Snowflake #1 was the main challenge. I had never tatted a 3-dimensional snowflake before, and wanted to make sure that it looked nice. The book said to use glue to connect the three snowflakes, but I decided to sew them together instead. I had also tatted a snowflake of this pattern that variegated between the two colors after every ring, but it was a bit too crazy to become part of the snowflake.
Well, that's the end of the snowflake extravaganza!
I hope you enjoyed it!

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