Friday, August 1, 2014

Bookmarks and a doily

Things are starting to finally slow down, so I'm taking this moment to show some of the things I've been tatting.

Done in Lizbeth size 20, #671 and #119, #657 and #122, #618 and #124, #688 and #686. Motif  #12.

I did these back in June, when things were really busy. They were gifts for a get to know you activity with the other leaders up at Girls Camp. The pattern is LaRae Mikulecky's Lacy Bookmark. I enjoyed tatting these, although the one on the far right decided that it wanted to be curvy and longer then the others.
The leaders who were in my group for the activity really liked the bookmarks, and one of them knew what tatting was!

Done in Lizbeth size 20, #688 and #686.

This doily was done in July, during the last bit of camp business. The pattern is the Jasmine bread and butter plate doily from The Tatter's Treasure Chest by Mary Carolyn Waldrep. This was made for my Grandmother's birthday, and she was quite pleased when she received it.
I think that this is the best doily that I've tatted thus far, in terms of its ability to lie flat without much manipulation.
In addition, I also tatted four "Miss Caroline, the Crinoline Bell" by Martha Ess, but I forgot to take pictures of them before sending out the letters that they graced the front of. They were done in two colors of size 10, a light blue and a cream.

I've gotten pretty good at sewing in the ends with size 10 and size 20 threads.
I have some other projects that are completed or nearly completed that I need to take pictures of, so hopefully those will be put up soon.

So until next time, good luck with your own projects!

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  1. Your bookmarks are awesome and in such fun colors!!! :)
    Very beautiful doily!! :)