Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The time has come for Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
I've got lots of tatting to share today!
Most of it was done in Lizbeth #121-Angel's Love, size 20.

Three friends, three snowflakes.

First was have the Two Colour Snowflake, by Anne Bruvold.  This was my first time doing this pattern, and it was quite fun,

I made each with a different secondary color, with the main color being green so that they were kind of like wreaths.

I really liked how these turned out. Though I'm not sure which is my favorite...

I'm glad that my friends liked them.

Three stars, three cousins.

For my three cousins, the Star Bright pattern by Be-stitched. This one was fun to tat, but not also had some moments of minor annoyance.

The next group of snowflakes came from the book Tatted Snowflakes, by Vida Sunderman.

Just give me a breeze, and I'll spin around!
The Whirlaway snowflake is one I've done before. It was still enjoyable tat though.

Where is my wheel? 

The Spoke snowflake was quite easy for me.

Pinwheel times two!

Two pinwheels for a couple of my aunts I don't see very often.

Just add glitter, and I will be perfect!

This Glittering snowflake was for my niece. She liked it.

I like trefoils a lot...

This Trefoil snowflake was for my friend who taught me how to tat. Because she is awesome.

I'm like a starfish!

I actually altered the Daisy snowflake slightly in order to make this. I left out a petal. But I thing this looks nice as a star. It's for my father.

My picots are nice and neat.

The Lacy snowflake was for my grandmother and grandpa. But I also had two pennies to give my grandmother, so...

I'm original!

 ... I tatted them into a little box! That way, I could throw in my two cents. It made her happy, which makes me happy as well.
I made up the box pattern myself, using a little hat motif I made up a year or so ago as the base.

The next group came from the book Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns, by Monica Hahn.

I'm good timber!

This Simple Christmas Tree pattern was for my bother-in-law. He's nice.

I heard the bells...

This Cloverleaf Bell was for my eldest sister. She's pretty cool.

I'm amazing.

I really like the Wheel of Nine Rings pattern. I've only done it twice, but it is one of my favorite patterns from this book. This was for my aunt.

I'm pretty cool too!

This was my first time making the Knobby snowflake, but it was really fun. This was for another aunt of mine.

I ♥ tatting.

The heart ring was for my mother. This was my first time tatting this pattern, and at times I found the large rings the make the hearts to be annoying to close.

If you fold me just right, I can form wings!

This one was actually a pattern for a butterfly. But I didn't really like how it looked folded as a butterfly, so I decided just to leave it flat. This is for my older sister!

This next one is a pattern I made up after failing to find a candy-cane pattern I liked.

Don't I look tasty?

It is simple, yet nice. This is for my other grandmother.

And last, but not least, we have these two snowflakes.

We are small, but still good.

The left one is from the Tatted Snowflakes book, while the right is a little altered version of the center of the Layered Tatted Snowflake pattern by Be-stitched.

It was a crazy run, but I enjoyed tatting all of these. Though next year, I'm not going to try not to wait until the last possible moment to start working on Christmas tatting.

Merry Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful day!

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