Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The ivory butterfly

I meant to post about this back in March, but didn't get around to it until now.
Ever since I learned to tat, I've tried to tat something whenever a family member has a birthday. I haven't succeeded with every birthday, for a number of reasons ranging from not knowing what to tat them to the stealthy sneakiness of birthdays. I've sat down to read a book or tat a excess thread project, only to have someone remind me that a birthday is that weekend.
If birthdays were people, they would belong to an elite clan of ninjas.
Birthday ninjas.
Moving on, I was able to tat something for my sister's birthday.

Lizbeth size 20, Mocha Swirl

"I tend to experiment with birthday presents. Like the key, this was a pendant I picked out because it way cool and looked like it would easily accept tatting. I wanted to keep the tatting simple for this piece, something that would shout for attention. That's why I chose this variegated color and stuck with chains, with the exception of that one brown ring at the very bottom of the pendant.
This is the second piece that I've added tatting to. I think I'll try using more rings in the next piece. Maybe have multiple rows of tatting.
Anyway, I've rambled enough for one post. Expect another post on Friday!

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