Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lion hats

So a couple weeks ago some of my friends and I went out on a group date. The theme of the date was Disney. While the others made t-shirts, I decided to do hats based off of The Lion King.The first idea I had for the hats was to tat the ears.

 I liked the idea. Who else would have a hat with tatted ears? It would be a unique touch. Before figuring out the what else I would need to do to make the hats, I began tatting the ears.

After getting the hats, fleece in colors that would mostly match the color thread I had used for the ears and some frilly yarn for the Simba hat mane, I got to work putting it all together.
Now I'm not much of a sewer. I hadn't thought about how much sewing would be necessary to make these hats. I was focused on the tatting! But I was determined to make the hats. I did not want to decorate a t-shirt.
It took a few days without reading or working on other tatting projects, but I finished the hats before the day of the date.

Left: Simba's hat.                          Right: Nala's hat.

Despite some mistakes and mishaps, I'm happy with how they turned out. My date didn't seem too embarrassed by his hat, which was a plus.
I'd like to tat an entire hat, but that's a project I'm not quite ready to begin. So until then, I can at least add a unique touch to the hats I have through tatting.

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