Saturday, February 23, 2013

Let's begin with a dragon

When I was first learning how to tat, I came across a pattern by Anne Bruvold called Minor Norwegian Dragons. Before I found that pattern, I had a slight interest in tatting, but was doubtful if I would actually be able to learn how to tat. You see, my teacher had never taught a lefty before, and I was determined that if I was to learn tatting, I would hold the shuttle in my left hand.
I returned home from the activity where I began to learn tatting with a borrowed shuttle and went to the computer to look at videos about tatting. I found some helpful ones, and slowly began to learn more about how to make chains and rings. I even found a tatting blog that was in the process of making a absolute beginners series! But the Minor Norwegian Dragons pattern was what made me really desire to learn the craft.
I thought that dragons were really cool, and that making my own would be amazing. I wasn't even worried about split rings, since I didn't know what they were.
I put effort into learning how to tat. I came to love it.
At one tatting class after I had learned the basics of tatting, I asked my teacher how to make split rings. She didn't know, but found instructions in one of the tatting books she had brought. I practiced split rings and came to enjoy making them.
The borrowed shuttle became mine. My teacher was happy that I had been able to learn how to tat.
That was in 2011. I wouldn't actually tat a dragon until late in 2012.
For a cousin's birthday, I decided to pull out the pattern and give it a try.

Done in Lizbeth size 20: Falling Leaves

It was made. The pattern that fueled my desire to learn how to tat. I was ecstatic.
But my tatting journey would not end there, for there were so many other patterns I wanted to try!
In the beginning, I did not think that tatting would be a craft I would come to love. But at that first class, I decided to try tatting instead of crocheting.
That simple decision changed my perception of crafts.
So try new things. You might find something you love.

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  1. Why have I not seen your blog before? I have just been through it. Love your tatting, your enthusiasm and your wielding of words!
    Fox : )