Saturday, October 25, 2014

Knitting and motifs

Well, here are some things that I've been meaning to post for a while. To begin, here are the first two things I knitted!

Knitting is a bit easier then crocheting.

Kind of wobbly on the sides, but I find that keeping the tension for knitting is easier for me then keeping the tension for crocheting. The I-cord was my first piece of knitting, and took some time. The coaster took less time to make, and was enjoyable to make.
I look forward to knitting more things in the future, and perhaps adding tatting to my knitted projects.

Next up is a cupcake I made for my Aunt for her birthday last month.

Lovely purple cupcakes are not all grape flavored.

I quite like this cupcake pattern by Be-Stitched. It's easy to make, and looks nice in many different colors. This one was made in size 10 thread.

Done in size 10. Motif #14.

This Oval Medallion pattern from This 'n' Tat was enjoyable to tat. I like following diagram patterns on occasion, and this one was easy to follow.

Done in size 10. Motif #15.

This Pentawheel Medallion is also from This 'n' Tat. I thought it would be fun to do it in three colors. I always enjoy split rings, so that was a plus for this pattern.

Done in size 10. Motif #16.

This Spiral Medallion is another pattern from This 'n' Tat. I like how the picots on the long chains are only on one side. It's a pretty pattern, and I like how the two colors I used blend with each other.

Done in size 10. Motif #17.

Now, this black cat is from the Tat-man's Cat on a Broomstick pattern. I tatted broomsticks on their own last year, so I thought I would do some cats on their own this year. I like how it came out, and how the cut long picots transformed into whiskers.

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  1. Great first knitting!!! :)
    Totally awesome cupcake!!! :)
    Great motifs and cat!! :)