Friday, November 1, 2013

Let me mark that birthday for you

Well, here is another birthday!

Look, size 80! It is such a nice, thin thread size. I really like it for bookmarks and dainty things. 

This lovely bookmark is from the book Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns by Monica Hahn. The pattern is called the Filigree bookmark. It was done in size 80 Christmas Green Lizbeth thread.

The top has a fancy cloverleaf appearance.

Now, I might have just been reading the pattern incorrectly, but it seemed like the written pattern wasn't quiet the same as the picture of the pattern. I followed the written pattern up until the end, where I decided to leave off the fancy point that is at the top of the bookmark and just leave the bottom flat.

While the bottom is nice and flat. Well, except for the slight curve. Just call it a creative flair.

Now, some people I know have suggested that I stiffen the bookmarks I make. But I kind of like them fresh off the shuttle. If the book I'm reading is shorter then the bookmark, I don't have to worry about the stiff bookmark catching on something and flying out of my book!
But that is just my opinion. If I really wanted to read a book that was shorter then my bookmark, I'll just use something else to mark my place.

Anyway, my sister really liked the bookmark. She commented that I'm getting better with my tatting.
It is as the saying goes:
"Practice makes perfect."

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